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Funny Bear clothes are made from 100% pure cotton, highly breathable super soft and absorbent. We use eco-friendly dyes, 100% skin-friendly, Durable and exceptional comfort for children.

children's clothing manufacturers in india

Apparel That We Manufacture

Explore the vivid fashion world at Funny Bear, a premier baby garments manufacturers in india. Following a dynamic approach to fashion, we explore clothing manufacturing, including an extensive range of colors, numerous trendy designs, and various materials.

We cover a wide range of products with our experience. Enjoy the quality of our stunning stylish and cozy baby girl tops, girls dresses & frocks, baby girl t shirt, girls shorts pants, girls bloomers, kids nightwear, and sleepwear, girl vest, diaper leggings for newborn girls and kids girls.

In response to the style preferences of baby boys and kids, we provide a variety of kids sleepwear, kids cotton shorts, boy tshirt, kids vest, top and bottom dress sets, casual wear clothes for kids. Manufacturing high quality baby clothes, kids clothes that are exported to several countries.

Stay fashionable and appreciate craftsmanship at Funny Bear – Your ultimate destination for stylish and trendy baby kids clothes.

Breathable Material

100% Pure Cotton​

No Stitching Errors

Zero Fade

Funny Bear Clothes

About Funny Bear

Founded in 2019, Funny Bear began as a clothing business with 30 sewing machines and became one of the leading exporters and manufacturers of children’s clothing. With 25 sewing lines, we are now a fully functional garment powerhouse. Our ability to manage people well, have a flexible manufacturing platform, a highly qualified workforce, and have experienced staff are all factors in our progress. Funny Bear can manufacture millions of top-notch clothing items and easily export them worldwide. Rely on our history of achievement as we consistently exceed industry standards, providing clients worldwide with our fashion expertise. Come along on this incredible adventure through innovation and dependability in apparel manufacturing.

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Why do you choose Funny Bear?

Funny Bear, a recognized kids clothes manufacturer, provides a wide variety of garments noted for affordable prices, creative designs, and value addition—an important part of the fast fashion business. Our management is founded on professionalism, experience, expertise, and commitment. Our systems incorporate Industrial Engineering, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Quality Management Systems (QMS), and Human Resources Policy to ensure efficiency. Customer satisfaction is built on prompt shipments and high-quality products.

Best Children's Clothing Manufacturers in India

India’s kids wear manufacturing sector has experienced a remarkable expansion in recent years. This growth can be attributed to the Indian apparel industry such as rising disposable income, evolving fashion preferences, and government efforts to enhance the textile industry.

At the heart of this success lies Funny Bear. Our presence in India makes a significant socio-economic impact, with half of our workforce consisting of empowered women. Their dedication and hard work drive our mission forward, fostering a culture of inclusivity and growth.

Funny Bear demonstrates unparalleled expertise in providing innovative solutions for apparel manufacturing. Sustainability is another fundamental aspect of our approach that we are dedicated to. By adopting eco-friendly practices and supporting local suppliers, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint while maximizing positive outcomes for the community.

We believe that true success is measured by financial gain and the lasting, positive impact we leave behind. As we look to the future, Funny Bear remains committed to expanding our reach and deepening our impact. We envision a world where business growth goes hand in hand with social responsibility, creating a better tomorrow for all.

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Baby Clothes Manufacturers in India

Dive into the World of Fashion Design: In the dynamic landscape of fashion trends, there is an ongoing demand for diverse fabrics showcased in unique forms and designs. At Funny Bear, we recognize the vital role of a skilled team in transforming fabrics into sophisticated and consistently innovative clothing creations.

As a prominent kids wear manufacturer in India, we pride ourselves on professionalism, skills, expertise, and dedication. These fundamental values are central to Funny Bear’s leadership, ensuring a seamless blend of creativity and quality in every garment we produce. Join us at the forefront of fashion innovation.